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Our Certification service comprises a complete package in respect of producing Welding Procedure Qualification Records / Procedure Qualification Records (WPQRs/PQRs).

Our fully trained and qualified Examiners will:

  • Attend your site
  • Collect all of the required data to produce the relevant certification.
  • Coordinate the required Non Destructive and Destructive testing with independent UKAS accredited laboratories.
  • Review and Compile all documentation including test results against standards.
  • Our Certification Department will then produce the WPQR Certificate and issue you an electronic and hard Copy.


  • Our Examination department is Accredited and Appointed as an  Recognised Independent Third Party Organisation (RTPO) to witness and verify testing and Certification of welders.
  • Welder performance Testing is carried out by witnessing a welder following a written instruction to produce test coupon.
  • The written instruction usually comes as a Preliminary Welding Procedure Specification (pWPS) or a Welding Procedure Specification (WPS).
  • Our Examination team then Coordinate the required Non Destructive and/or Destructive testing with independent UKAS accredited laboratories.
  • Upon acceptable test results our Certification Department produce the relevant Welder Certification to one  or more  National, European or Internationally recognised standards.




  • Under our  UKAS Accredited  Welder Qualification Scheme, WESTZON are able to Endorse prolongation/Revalidation of Welder qualifications.
  • Welder Qualifications are required to be confirmed every 6 months by an Employer or a Supervisor.
  • In order to do this a Welder must provide 2 acceptable volumetric  reports (Radiographic or Ultrasonic) within the last 6 months of the certificate validity.
  • Upon review of this documentation Welder qualifications can be Prolonged for a further 2 years.



How Does it all work?

Weld Procedure Testing and Welder Qualification Testing

  • Under our Type A inspection body status, we provide a full Weld Procedure Qualification Record and Welder Qualification Testing service.
  • Our experienced welding examiners can travel to sites all over the UK and record all relevant welding data required  in order to gain certification.
  • Following Welding, the test pieces are sent for Non-destructive testing which will be conducted by an ISO9712 level II technician.
  • After acceptable NDT Results (if required) the test coupons will be send to a UKAS ISO 17025 mechanical laboratory for the required mechanical testing to be performed

Recording and reporting

  • Our Approved Welding surveillance personnel will attend your site and witness all welding activities, record and report on the results using UKAS calibrated equipment and compile a full documentation pack ready for certification.


  • All documentation is handed over to our Technical manager who will then produce the complete certification package, which will include a UKAS Certificate and all test data.




Our Examiners provide welding procedure qualification and welder qualification tests for many industries including:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Nuclear
  • Defence
  • Rail
  • Aerospace
  • Petro-Chemical
  • Pressure Equipment
  • Food
  • Renewable Energy
  • Pipe work Fabricators
  • Marine
  • Steelwork fabricators

Our team of Welding Examiners have been fully trained and approved by our In house Technical managers; both of which are Certified International and European Welding Engineers (CIWE / CEWE) with experience in Welding Surveillance and Welding Quality management systems including ISO 1090, ISO 3834, ISO 15085 and DIN