Supporting Projects Globally

Welding Engineering

Our Team of Certified International & European Welding Engineers (CIWE /CEWE) are available to Integrate into your projects to assist in the development of systems, review of suppliers, implementation of processes/procedures or to to elevate your welding production with extensive knowledge of welding automation, defect reduction and advanced welding processes.

Responsible Welding Coordination (RWC)

Enabling companies to comply with the requirements of ISO 14731 comprehensive level. WESTZONE can provide specialist and experienced RWC services for a number of Welding Quality Management Systems.

NDT Level 3

Ability to support clients projects with review of procedures covering conventional and advanced NDT techniques such as visual, penetrant, magnetic particle, ultrasonic, eddy current, radiographic and phased array to various international standards. We have extensive knowledge in the Oil & Gas, Rail, Aerospace, Nuclear and Renewables sectors.

Quality management Systems

Specialists in the Creation, Maintenance and Auditing of Quality management systems to:

ISO 9001, ISO 17020, ISO 17024, ISO 1090, ISO 3834 and ISO 15085.